Pursuant to Our Agreement Synonym

When it comes to legal and business agreements, clarity in language is essential. One common phrase used in such documents is “pursuant to our agreement,” which indicates that the following actions are being taken in accordance with the terms of a prior agreement.

However, the phrase “pursuant to our agreement” can become repetitive and lose its impact when overused in a document. Thus, it’s helpful to have a few synonyms at your disposal to maintain a clear and concise writing style.

Here are some alternatives to “pursuant to our agreement” that can be used in legal and business documents:

1. In accordance with our agreement: Similar to “pursuant to,” this phrase indicates that the actions being taken are in line with a prior agreement.

2. As per our agreement: This phrase is a shorter way of expressing the same concept and can be used to avoid repetition.

3. Following our agreement: This phrase shows that the actions being taken are a result of the prior agreement.

4. Agreeable to the terms of our agreement: This phrase emphasizes that the actions being taken are acceptable under the terms of the agreement.

5. Consistent with our agreement: This phrase indicates that the actions being taken are in line with the overall purpose and intent of the agreement.

Using different phrases to express the same concept helps to add variety and clarity to any writing. Additionally, it helps to create a more professional and polished impression.

In conclusion, when writing legal and business documents, it’s important to use precise and clear language. While “pursuant to our agreement” is a common phrase, using synonyms like “in accordance with” or “as per our agreement” can help to keep the language fresh and avoid repetition. By incorporating these synonyms, you can improve the overall readability and clarity of your documents.