Iatse Basic Agreement Negotiations

The International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (IATSE) is currently in negotiations for a new Basic Agreement, which will determine the working conditions and benefits for over 100,000 unionized workers in the film and television industry.

The Basic Agreement, which was last updated in 2018, covers a wide range of areas including wages, health and retirement benefits, working hours, safety protocols, and more. Negotiations for a new agreement began in July of this year and are expected to continue for several months.

One of the main issues being discussed in the negotiations is the issue of “new media” productions, which include streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime. As more and more content is being produced for these platforms, IATSE is pushing for better pay and benefits for workers on these productions, who currently receive lower rates than those working on traditional film and television productions.

Another issue on the table is the use of “forced pooling,” which allows producers to require workers to work longer hours or additional days without proper compensation. IATSE is advocating for a change to this practice, which they argue is not only unfair but also puts workers` health and safety at risk.

In addition to these specific issues, the negotiations are also focusing on broader topics like diversity and inclusion in the industry, as well as the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on workers and productions.

Overall, the negotiations for a new Basic Agreement are crucial for the continued success and growth of the film and television industry. With so many workers relying on the protections and benefits provided by this agreement, it is important that IATSE and the producers come to a fair and equitable agreement that addresses the needs and concerns of all parties involved.